My job is a custom job. To each and every task I have a different approach, using full range of my skills and experience. I am an expert, who has been known for his promptness and reliability among his customers.


I have been dealing with visualization since 1997 and I am a qualified architect. Thanks to this I am capable of joining my knowledge of technical skills range together with my years’ experience.


Creating visualization is still passionate for me, and each order I am trying to see through my customer’s eye. In every single order I can find positive aspects of the project, and I always try to find appropriate solutions and I adjust them in every single aspect.


I respect my customers, I cooperate with them every step of the way and I realize how meaningful one delay could be and how it can influence on the success of the whole, very often costly project. Timeliness is the cornerstone of my job.


I have been professionally active for over twenty years and it seems like I am not going to stop very soon. Very often my customers ask for some changes after a few years and I certainly give them this possibility, keeping the records of my work for over ten years.